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Hey there, Rockstar! I’m so glad you’re here. I know you’ve been struggling for a while, trying to figure out why things just aren’t changing. I’ve been there. I get you. I see you. I know how hard you’re trying. I’m here to let you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m here teach you the simple steps to becoming that healthy, vibrant, best version of YOU. Whether we're talking keto or natural health, I'm here to show you that healthy living can be simple. Let's do this! --Dr. Lisa

Dec 17, 2020

2020 has challenged all aspects of our lives—emotionally, physically, mentally—as well as our relationships. As we look back on the year, there are a lot of people realizing that their closest relationships – the relationship with their spouse—have suffered. It’s common knowledge that the majority of marriages end in divorce in a typical year, but who knows what it will look like this year once we’re removed of the rubble of 2020. I decided to talk with Amanda Testa, a Sex, Love and Relationships Expert about connection with our partners, and what we can do to rekindle that relationship—to remember why we fell in love in the first place. If the person you married years ago has now turned into “a roommate with whom you share your home” know that things can shift if we’re willing to put in the work. Amanda Testa, is a Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert who works with busy professional women and couples to feel incredible in their skin, tap into abundant energy, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, and enjoy better connection and fulfillment in their relationships.