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Hey there, Rockstar! I’m so glad you’re here. I know you’ve been struggling for a while, trying to figure out why things just aren’t changing. I’ve been there. I get you. I see you. I know how hard you’re trying. I’m here to let you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m here teach you the simple steps to becoming that healthy, vibrant, best version of YOU. Whether we're talking keto or natural health, I'm here to show you that healthy living can be simple. Let's do this! --Dr. Lisa

Sep 9, 2021

We’re getting geeky on vitamins and supplements today! I’m joined with Chief Scientific Advisor for Vasayo, Tracy Gibbs and Chiropractor, Alicia Clevenger. Tracy resided in Japan for several years where he was schooled in Pharmacognosy, organic chemistry and botanical medicine (Kampo Igaku). He is the formulator of over 900 dietary supplements and skin care products, patent holder of the AES (Assimilation Enhancing System), author of four books and has taught and lectured at worldwide symposiums and conferences including the Malaysia Health Symposium, The Anti-Aging Association of Korea, The League of Cities and Towns, Biotech China, and the National Nutritional Foods Association. Currently he has found a home working full time at Vasayo building some truly disruptive products.

He is going to fill us in as to why the quality of our supplements matter, and more importantly, whether or not your body can actually absorb or assimilate them.  We’re deep diving into liposomal technology and why it’s such an important part of quality supplements.

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